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It is one of those exciting cities where you could visit a different restaurant every day for six months and still not get to all the good ones. And the prices have climbed so that a hamburger (accompanied though it may be by excellent potatoes and unusual salads can cost nearly $6. L $4.50-$8.50, D $10.50-$16. Tiki Bars. It's always spring at 209 1/2, the mauve of the walls repeated in the flowers and the multicolored Chinese service plates. The Washington, DC of the 1980s and '90s was a dramatically different place than the Washington, DC of 2017. Beer and wine only. Full bar service. Open daily. Lombardy Cafe 2019 I St. NW. Full bar service. Main courses are the highlight; appetizers can sink to course and bitter seafood pate or smoked salmon that is just oily fish sliced too long ago. Beyond that, simple sauteed fish are expertly cooked, perhaps a trout with crisp skin and moist flesh. Full bar service. Reservations suggested. While most of the diners I saw one night were ordering shrimp cocktail, they could have chosen for their appetizers Smithfield ham with kiwis and pears, duck terrine with hazelnuts, salmon mousseline with truffles and morels, snails with tarragon, salmon terrine with two caviars, lobster and scallops in a puff pastry case or smoked salmon with blini, plus several more. No-smoking section. Our chic private dining room offers an intimate experience with a view of our expansive wine cellar. SE. Street parking. The salmon mousse with green peppercorns is suave and spicy, a pleasant light main course. K $3.95-$6.55. Children's prices. L daily ex Sun, D daily. L, D $2.25-$4.50. L $3.95-$7.95, D $4.95-$10.95. Full bar service. Street parking. He boldly seasons with red and black pepper, profusely sprinkles olive oil and lemon. Kebabs are also delicious, particularly the marinated lamb; chicken tends to be a bit dry. The Wharf 119 King St., Alexandria. Full bar service. Open daily. Except for a few silk flower arrangements, the decor is standard Virginia Shopping Center Ethnic: dark wood veneer paneling, booths along the sides, red tablecloths and candles in red globes, and American colonial brass chandeliers. Ben's Chili Bowl. Closed Sun. El Sombrero 5401 Lee Hwy. L $4.75-$8.25, D $9.25-$15.50. 667-0047. dFull bar service. The dining room is distinctively African, with grassy wall coverings and artifacts, woven fans hanging from the back of each ladderback chair. Despite flaws, dinner is likely to be a treat to the senses. L $2.25-$3.75, D $3.50-$17. For the greatest variety and most reasonable prices, you can sample combination platters. L $4.95-$8.95, D $7.50-$13.25. L daily ex Sat, Sun, D daily. The path to take is an appetizer of mussels with tomato sauce and plenty of garlic of fried squid; the empanaditas are merely ordinary. Alexander's Three 1500 Wilson Blvd. anakeesta photo memories . No credit cards. No reservations. Two cautions: The coffee isn't even strong enough to tint a tablecloth, and throughout dinner you might want to look out for slices of those 20 pounds of garlic. AE, D, V. Reservations suggested. L daily ex Sat, D daily. Closed Mon. See 23 photos, review amenities, and request a tour of the property today. Hidden below the bustling cormer of 17th and K Streets NW is a bustling bar where it's easy to relax and forget the over-head traffic jams. Capriccio's concerts now regularly garner praise from DC's top reviewers. The dining room, arranged with raised platform and balcony in addition to the main dining room, is dark wood with bright blue accents, a bit old and a bit new and very much in the spirit of a Bierstube. AE, D, MC, V. Reservations suggested. AE, MC, V. Reservations suggested. Children's prices. L $3.95-$8.75, D $3.95-$14. Nothing -- no corner, no hors d'oeuvre -- is left less than inventions is a trendy collection of cold pastas and herbed seafood salads, grills and sautees with unexpected touches -- sauteed snails on the chicken, lamb chops served with aioli, bearnaise flavored with leeks. And include something from the charcoal grill: shrimp sates, lemon grass spareribs, Korean-style short ribs. Full bar service. The most interestng dishes are likely to be on the printed list of daily specials, and Le Bagatelle deserves praise for actually printing the list rather than leaving it to the captain to recite for the diners to memorize. L daily ex Sat, D daily. Ocean ix offers a wide variety of fresh fish whole and in filets, but service is harrassed. Old Angler's has its standards, but they need to be applied to the kitchen. AE, D, MC, V. Reservations accepted for dinner, accepted only for parties of 10 or more for lunch. Its sweet-hot red cornstarched sauce is strange, but it grows on you. Closed Mon, Tues. MC, V. Reservations suggested. Binnacle II The Tides Lodge, off Rte. El Bandito 6113 Franconia Rd. Just remember pizza. Street parking or garage across the street. The grand finale is, of all things, a German chocolate cake, probably the best in Washington. L $3.75-$4.75, D $3.75-$8.75. Closed Sun. L $4.75-$18, D $5.75-$18. Closed Mon. Parking in front. Reportedly decked in khakis and polished penny loafers, blond hair and blue eyes, he was a Georgetown junior at the time. The French UndergroundThe Gentry (Cap. L $4.50-$5.95, D $5.95-$9.50. You may also like: Zip codes with the most expensive homes in . Vegetables (which do not, by the way, accompany the shrimp) are also good, whether fresh green beans or potato baked with a sprinkle of salt and no foil wrapper. Smithsonian? The menu continues as a deft mix of standards and the unexpected -- red snapper with marrow and red wine, rillettes of smoked and fresh salmon, crayfish in cream sauce with orange. 451-7356. Round out the meal with tandoor-cooked flat breads. L daily, D daily. AE, MC, V. Reservations suggested. Fish filets are moist and, thankfully, unadorned. Closed Sun. The charming waitresses have forgotten their expertise and have become harried and forgetful. 296-6686. When it opened -- to much fanfare among old India hands -- it was a rather expensive restaurant. MC, V. Reservations suggested. Fresh as a garden is Nora's gathering place. No alcoholic beverages. The hummos special, topped with ground beef and almonds, was not a prettily arranged or as tangy. Also try seafood curry and pork rolls with broccoli. No-smoking section. Szechuan Garden Bethesda 7800 Wisconsin Ave., Bethesda. Full bar service. Full bar service. Sit in the country-French-tinted inside cafe or at the "outdoor" mall tables, first casing the pastry case for dessert and take-homes. Chardas 523 South 23rd St., Arlington. Street parking. Reseravations suggested. L daily ex Sun, D daily. The China Inn staff is trying hard, from the voluble owner to the waitresses to the kitchen. Saigon Inn is far from elaborate, and there is nothing spectacular about the food. Children's prices. AE, CB, D, MC, V. Reservations suggested. In the six months during which I visit restaurants -- at least once a day -- for the Fall Dining Guide, I must arbitrarily leave out some that are as important or agreeable as many that are included. 546-4488. L $2.45-$3.25, D $3.50-$8.95. Open daily. And every year the repertoire developes new fresh seafood and game, new vegetables purees, new fresh herb sauces. Chef Martino presents the cuisine from a new, mouthwatering perspective with innovative takes on fish and chips, shepherd's pie and chicken tikka masala (served with delicious mango chutney). But except for the sushi and sashimi -- and the seating of strangers at our table in a half-empty room -- the meal was a gem. AE, MC, V. Reservations suggested.Parking in commercial lots. This is the version of our website addressed to speakers of English in the United States. And even more important, increasingly restaurants are serving seafood that is fresh rather than frozen, and cooking it properly. 638-2444. Jean-Pierre 1835 K St. NW. 949-4140. Open daily. Roast veal is served in nearly half-calf portions, though sometimes it has been cooked so long it crumbles. Nothing changes at Crisfield except the prices. White enamel chairs with woven seats are pulled up to tables covered with soft orange cloths. L $4.65-$5.95, D $5.50-$16.95. L $3.50-10, D $4-$12. La Miche 7905 Norfolk Ave., Bethesda. And vegetables are crisp-cooked, meats and seafoods moist and tender. Parking lot next door. This dim, clubby cave below the street is lush and comfortable, but the best service is reserved for regulars, and newcomers may get short shrift. Ethiopian 2000 S St. NW. Zachary's serves Greek food with a sunny, warm disposition in a shopping center restaurant that has expanded to several rooms.You need not spend more than $25 a couple, unless you give in to the persuasion of hot appetizers (crisp, buttery spanakopita, tomato-sweetened squid, spicy sausage) and excellent baklava or superbly delicate creme caramel, ouzo or retsina or liquor-dosed coffee. La Mancha 5515 Cherokee Ave., Alexandria. Closed Sun. Full bar service. Fish is poached in parchment, but so is chicken, to a unique succulence that turns it into perhaps the best dish on the menu. The menu, for example, describes a veal dish as "with special Italian cheese" rather than bothering to tell you that cheese is gorgonzola, a pungent blue that is not to everyone's liking. N reservations. 1789 1226 36th St. NW. L daily ex Sat, D daily. L $3.50-$5.75, D $8-$10.50. Full bar service. The bar is stacked the Clyde's canned chili; even as it comes from the kitchen it is too sweet, decent but not star quality. AE, D, MC, V. Reservations suggested. Full bar service. Street parking. Some establishments -- Paul Young's and Sans Souci, for example -- were dropped at the last minute because of major staff changes whose effects I had no opportunity to evaluate. Tandoor 3316 M St. NW. No-smoking section. The Hideaway in the back of the Madison Hotel in the 80s. Full bar services. 998-5115. Closed Sun. Reservations accepted. Parking in rear. L $2.75-$5.25, D $4.95-$11.95. L daily ex Sat, Sun, D daily. No-smoking section. No-smoking section. Start with crabmeat or smoked salmon or something similarly restrained. The Hunan lamb and beef offer a brilliant interplay of pepper, vinegar and soy with a touch of sweetness that is uniquely Hunanese. Street parking. sThe closest Prime Rib comes to being inventive or complicated is serving shredded fresh horseradish on the side of its beef. 333-3700. Parking lot. Home Services. D (fixed price) $25, $30, $40 or $60.

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